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Each musician who plays a DRUMMERBOY gig will receive a minimum of $100 - and gets to play real classy shows. Jeff Hayes is the only constant member of the DRUMMERBOY band and will book, promote, organize, and form the bands based on the needs and desires of the customer. Join DRUMMERBOY with his rotating cast of players and you don't need to lift a finger in the "marketing department".

The majority of material played will be original material drawn from the catalogues of the particular DRUMMERBOY band members on the particular gig. DRUMMERBOY performs corporate events, weddings and private parties, so if you can't clean up well, this might not be the gig for you. However, if you own a suit and can really play your chosen tool, than consider joining DRUMMERBOY for a gig.

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Join the Revolution...

Are you looking to jam with the best players in the Seattle area? Have the professional attitude and play the blues? Join us.

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Are you looking for the Pacific Northwest party band who will entertain your guests at your next event? This is the band to call.
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YouTube Videos

Check out DRUMMERBOY at one of their shows - or in the comfort of your own home - with one of these videos.



Ready to book a show or just need a quote? Get in touch immediately with the DRUMMERBOY himself.